Hello world!

Elyse Haynes, Andrew Haynes

Hello world! I’m Andrew. Here I am with my super hot wife Elyse. Yeah… not sure how I landed her. Anyhow, back to business.

We’re going abroad! Europe for 10 weeks, leaving mid April. At this stage we’ve booked flights and not much else. We’ll be sharing our experiences and would love to hear from you also. Have you been to Europe? Tried something you think we shouldn’t miss? A secret spot? A great cafe? How about something to avoid?

Europe Trip - Initial plan

This is the very rough plan so far.

There are so many places we want to see, not to mention all the people we’re planning to catch up with. We’re a little concerned that we’re going to run short on time but the main countries we’d like to visit are Greece, Italy, France & England. Around that we’ll try to fit in as much as possible. Some options might be swinging by Croatia on our way through, ducking down to check out Barcelona, through the alps to Switzerland and maybe even a trip north through Belgium & the Nederlands up to Scandinavia. So much to do, not enough time!

I’ve been part of the couchsurfing.org community since 2007… hosting travellers whenever I get the chance. Over the years I must have had 40-50 backpackers crash on my couch or a spare bed. It’s such a great way to travel, getting to know some locals, sharing each other culture. I just can’t wait to turn the tables and couch-surf myself… it’s going to be great after hosting so many people finally being the traveller!
So that’s it for now. Stay tuned  🙂

9 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Congratulations on deciding to do this. On our family trip in September the boys were on a gelato crawl. We had it at least once a day for the whole trip. The standout was Finnochios in Nice.

  2. Put Scotland on the list, you won’t regret it. Go to Edinburgh and then as far north as you have time for. Pick a loch, any loch, they are all stunning. Isle of Skye is a must, buy a bottle of Talisker from the distillery, drink each dram with a little water (no ice or you will be deported).

    South west England is also choice, Devonshire the pick for mine. Hire cars everywhere (it’s more fun, esp Germany) and while in Munich, eat as much pork knuckle and saurcraut as you can.

    Enjoy mate … Stay for a year!

    • Cheers Mick, I think we’ll have to make time for Scotland. I like to play a game with Google maps street view where I just randomly drop a pin somewhere way up north of Scotland and every time it comes up with some gorgeous scenery or a beautiful village.

      Congrats on the engagement by the way!

  3. Hey guys, have fun!
    Here’s my hot tips – in Paris, there’s a lovely restaurant called Chez Francoise near Invalides. Roh surprised me with a short trip to Paris after our wedding in London last year, and we found this beautiful restaurant on the first night using TopTable (another hot tip – use it to find restaurant deals in England and Paris). For 39 Euro each at Chez Francois we had a three course meal plus wine – available if you book through http://www.toptable.com/venue/?id=2202.

    When we were in Barcelona in 2009, we made a day trip to Montserrat, a lovely monastery set amongst amazing scenery and nestled in the mountains. The view is stunning. You can get there via train from Barcelona, then a cable car up to the monastery.

    That’s all for now…will let you know if I think of anything else!
    Tanaz xox

    • Thanks Tanaz! Sounds like a great bargain in Paris, I’ve heard it can be pretty expensive? Where did you stay?

      I like the sounds of that monastery. We had dinner with a lady tonight who was raving about Barcelona 🙂

  4. Ibiza is an easy ferry ride from Barcelona & hotel prices are dirt cheap in May before the invasion of the Poms. Highly underrated and misunderstood thanks to one strip of tacky nightlife, this place is unlike any other island in the Mediterranean, even a 48 hour visit is worth it.

    Belgium is closed in May, pre-summer hiatus.

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