Daube Niçoise

This week we’ve been hosting a couchsurfer from France called Loïc. Interesting chap, he’s travelling around Australia and posting a new photo taken on his iPhone 4s each day to instagram & his blog. He’s got some great shots so far, it’s called iPhoneographyOz and it’s worth a look.

He’s had a pretty tough time in the last few weeks. His girlfriend had to fly back to the sunshine coast for a funeral and then their car was broken into whilst it was parked out the front of our house in Adamstown. The theives got away with some camping gear, a camera a bunch of clothes and some other stuff. Fairly devastating!

Anyhow… Loïc was kind enough to whip up some standard fare from his homeland. Daube Niçoise is a beef stew from Nice in the south of France. A bit like Beef Burgundy which enjoys more fame here in Australia as a household dish. I didn’t get a chance to watch him make it but it tasted pretty good! We had it on pasta but apparently it’s fantastic on polenta or ravioli.

Here’s hoping the rest of Loïc’s year in Australia is better than the last fortnight!

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