Simple Aussie Pleasures

24 days to go now, not that we’re counting down or anything.

I figured it was time to start indulging in a few of those simple Aussie pleasures that might be difficult to find when we’re overseas. Like I need an excuse 😉

I had to run some paperwork up the Newcastle Permanent Building Society at lunch time. Flipped a coin to decide whether to get some grub from Frank’s Ham & Beef or the Fire Station Pie Shop (both on Union Street, Newcastle… just off King Street).

Frank’s do amazing ham & salad rolls, slicing their own ham fresh off the bone. They’re consistently awesome but I settled on a steak & kidney pie with tomato sauce and a choccy milk from the Fire Station.

I walk past the pie shop nearly every day on my way to work and see the pie makers hard at work rolling the pastry. I almost feel home sick just writing about it and we haven’t even left yet!

What else should I be sure to do before we leave?


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