Final weekend before we leave

We’re so close to departure now, I feel funny in my tummy.

It was Easter this weekend so we had four days off but boy did we need them! The first couple days were spent packing our bags and cleaning the house. We’ve managed to arrange some house sitters which is great, but we’d like to leave the house nice and tidy for them. They needed a place to stay after selling their home and were happy to pay us a little bit of rent to house sit, everybody wins! Packing up has also been a good opportunity to clear out our wardrobes and shed some of the junk we’ve collected over the last few years.

We then got stuck into some *last minute* preparation and I managed to catch up with a few good friends that I wanted to see before leaving. Breakfast with Sam (pictured in the previous post) and then my old pal Lance who came up from Sydney. He’s a travel writer by profession and it’s a real blessing to have some expert advice before we head off. It was an absolutely stunning sunny Easter Monday in Newcastle so we grabbed some coffee’s from Estabar and climbed the fort at the top of King Edward park. It’s probably the best view in Newcastle if you don’t mind climbing up some rusty steel and concrete!

Looking forward to exploring some other corners of the world but I’m not going to forget that I live in such a great place 🙂



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