Packing, Unpacking, Re-packing

We’ve been madly running around the house tonight. Packing our bags, checking, re-checking, unpacking and re-packing. How stressful!

I’ve think I’ve got packing my bag down to a fine art though. The secret lies in rolling your clothes, not folding. I’ve only just discovered this at 28 years old… Having packed suitcases & bags literally hundreds of times. Why didn’t anyone ever tell me before? Why were you all holding out on me?

So, what would you pack for a trip like this? Have I forgotten anything?

Board shorts, casual shorts, chinos, jeans, lightweight pants, pyjamas, jacket, beanie, socks, tee shirts, collared shirts, polo shirt, lightweight hoodie, underpants, thongs (flip-flops), shoes.

Extra Stuff:
Toiletries, small laundry kit, silk bed liner, quick dry towel, sleeping bag, power adapters, chargers, zip ties, a book, earphones, apple sim card ejecter thingy.

Fun Stuff:
Sony nex-5n digital camera
iPad w SD card reader
Bouncy ball (fun, no battery required)
Mini flexible tripod
Swiss army knife (not in my carry on bag)


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