Right now I’m in seat 39A on flight EK415. We’re about half way to Dubai and Elyse just smashed me in a game of iPad Carcassonne. She got lucky.

We’re both pretty tired, Friday was a bit of a blur… I worked half the day and then Bruce & Julie (Elyse’s parents) drove us down to Sydney. They even took us out to dinner at a nice restaurant in Double Bay. Pink Salt,apparently it featured on “My Restaurant Rules” a few years back.

Our flight left at 6:00am so we were up at 3:00am and at the airport around 3:30. The Sydney Airport International Inn wasn’t too bad. The room was basic but the service was reasonable. We didn’t get much sleep but I blame that on the massive knott in my tummy rather than the bed.

I was a bit nervous because I hadn’t received any real confirmation for our complimentary stay at one of the airport hotels in Dubai. I really didn’t want to spend our overnight stopover sleeping on a bench in the departures lounge! Anyhow that went smoothly enough, I collected a voucher from the Emirates staff and check in and were staying at the “Copthorne” or something like that. Got a bit of a surprise when they told me that we won’t get our bags until we reach Athens though, I’d been assuming we’d have them in Dubai… So I might need to pick up a new t-shirt or something :-/

I’ve watched two movies, Mission Impossible 3: Ghost Protocol & Machine Gun Preacher. Both pretty good but MI3 was cool because it features Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Tom Cruise climbs it from the outside with some sort of magical gloves but I’ll be happy just to stare at it and marvel at it’s engineering.

The economy seats on Emirates are comfortable enough for a commoner like me but I wish they hadn’t made us board the plane from up front and walk through business class, luxury!

Time to attempt a little more sleep now. A long overdue catch up with my old friend Chipo awaits us when we touch down in Dubai.


2 thoughts on “Departure

  1. Hey guys I am loving hearing about your adventure please keep them coming. We are due to have a chilli night upon your turn. I believe you will be fortunate to be in Europe when Eurovision song contest is on, please try and pick up on a Eurovision party for me and then blog it. I am holding a party here in Australia which you both were invited to by the way. Enjoy

    Todd & Kiri

    • Haha! Thanks Todd, will try an find a eurovision party as best we can. What date is it?
      Can’t wait til chilli night!! Love you guys xx

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