If I was to describe Dubai in a word, it would probably be ”extravagant”. What a city.

After arriving in Dubai, without our luggage, we had to do a mad dash to the closest convenience store for deodorant and a spare shirt for Drew. We stayed overnight, but didn’t realize until our luggage had been checked that we wouldn’t be seeing our lovely backpacks again until we arrived in Athens. Needless to say, I am looking oh so glamorous this morning.

After showering and attempting to make ourselves decent, we met up with Drew’s friend Chipo, who he met in university many moons ago.

She is great! Was so lovely to meet her and have her show us around. It was a whirlwind tour with a driver named Raja. One of the first things Chipo said to us was that things got a little weird in the car and that when Raja was around we were to refer to her as Maria, she had one child and a husband away on business in the UK (which of course wasn’t true). When asking ”Maria” how old her baby was now, her response to me was ”I dont know, I can’t keep up. They just grow so fast, 3 I think…” hahaha! Good one Maria.

Drew and I had watched the first season of Homeland a little while back and Claire Danes speaks a bit of Arabic in the show, so Drew took it upon himself to ask Raja if he had seen it (he had) and then continued to try out the Arabic words he could remember on him. It was VERY funny.

We first visited the Gold Souq (Souq is Arab for Market) Everything was gold and extreme! All of the market stores seemed to be selling the same things too, lots of ”Gucci”, ”Prada”, ”Louis Vuitton” hand bags on offer and they sure let us know about it. Dubai doesn’t have suburbs like we do at home, everything is based on products and services. All the medical services are in the one area, technology in another. It seemed weird to me, but explained why I didn’t spy any Starbucks or McDonalds in the Gold Souq.

Driving around town, Chipo pointed out the lovely gardens they have on the side of the roads as well. Everything is so beautifully presented and it is obvious that the people here really take pride in their city. Everything in Dubai is meant to be bigger and better than everywhere else. I think it may just be true. They even have the worlds only 7 star hotel. I don’t know how they got the extra 2 stars but one could suspect they were self allocated.

I was really keen to go on the water slide at hotel Atlantis, but time was not on our side and unfortunately my swimmers were in my backpack. Regardless, we took a look at the building, and my goodness, it is incredible! It was so large and magnificent! Next time we come through here, I am determined to get on that thing.
By the time we were leaving the hotel atlantis, I was absolutely exhausted. We slept a little the night before and a little on the plane, but not enough. It was only about 9pm here but I was really struggling to keep my eyes open in the car.

Before bed though, we saw the worlds tallest building, the Burj Kahlifa, while eating delicious sorbet and watching a dancing water show. It was great! I was not expecting it and it was so cleverly ”choreographed” in that the chorus saw the water dance bigger and higher. I felt like a child getting so excited over it, but it was great!

Dubai is an interesting city. I don’t think I could live here, but by goodness I would be happy to come and visit again. I’d love to spend some more time here, even if all of that time was spent on the water slide at Atlantis 😉

Athens, here we come!




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