Climbing “the nipple”

We’re getting ready to leave Santorini, just a few hours left to relax in the sun by the pool and take in the greatest view in the world.

When travelling I don’t think there is much more valuable than the company or advice of a local. That’s exactly what we’ve been lucky enough to find here this week in our charming concierge & new friend, Nenad. Trip Adviser and Google only get you so far… They helped us find our highly rated hotel, the Mill Houses and the best Souvlaki shop in town, Lucky’s.

On an unofficial tip from Nenad we set off for something off the radar of many tourists, climbing Skaros. It’s a rocky peninsula off Imerovigli, fondly named “the nipple” for obvious reasons. It doesn’t look like much but is actually the remains of a Venetian castle built in 1207 and was densely populated at some stage. All that remains now is rubble and ruins but it’s easily one of the most impressive spots on the island.

Our adventure started with a ten minute walk to Imerovigli from our Hotel in Firostefani, then we just kept taking the paths closest to the caldera until we found the stairs that led out onto the peninsula. What a beautiful walk, water on both sides and wild flowers lining the crumbling stone pathway that winds around the behind the peak of Skaros.

The way up to the peak wasn’t entirely clear but a little bit of searching and some help from a Frenchman we met along the way got us there. The path led almost all the way up but then you had to climb up a couple levels. It was a bit too high for Elyse but the Frenchman and myself made the final ascent. We were rewarded with the unique 360 degree view of the caldera! I wish I could share it with you but the climb was difficult enough that I chose to leave the camera with Elyse.

So thanks for making our stay so memorable Nenad!






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