Nice, Antibes & Monaco

We’re staying with James MacLaurin this week, one of my oldest friends, its pretty cosy in his one room apartment but a pleasing respite from the hotels & guest houses. Having completed his PhD at Oxford he’s now living in Antibes, a nice little town on the Cote d’Azur between Nice and Cannes.

We got an early train from Riomaggiore (4:30am!) down to the French border on Thursday, changed trains for a ride into Nice and then stashed our bags in the lockers at Nice station to have a look around until James finished work. Nice is a pretty cool place, almost dead flat so quite easy to get around. We ended up jumping of one of those mini trains for tourists, it was so dorky we couldn’t help but laugh at the beginning but it turned out to be a really good way to quickly get our bearings and acquaint ourselves with the city.

The police in Nice ride around on Segways! Hilarious!

James’ place is about 15-20 minutes by train from Nice so we headed down there to meet him in the evening… Antibes is really nice, we took a stroll around in the evening and stopped in at a bar dedicated to Absinthe for a nightcap. I slept well after that!

James had to run some errands this morning so Elyse and I caught the train up to Monaco/Monte Carlo to see the sights. They are gearing up for next week’s Grand Prix so it wasn’t as pretty as usual because there were spectator barricades and fences everywhere but we still had breakfast at Cafe de Paris next to the Casino Monte Carlo. After that we walked some of the Formula 1 track and ended up in Pit Lane where there was a vintage car show taking place… I’m not sure if there were tickets or anything but security didn’t pull us up. There were a few older F1 cars there with engines running so it was almost like experiencing the real thing! Snuck up into the vacant stands for a few photos too 😉

Finished the afternoon off with a lavender flavoured gelato and a swim. Luxury!







2 thoughts on “Nice, Antibes & Monaco

  1. I know it’s very unfashionable to say so but I love Nice especially the mix of old style Riviera architecture in the old town and the pretty nineteenth century wedding cake architecture you see elsewhere. Antibes is probably my favorite small town on the med – its got a great village feel. Your friend is v lucky to be able to live there!

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