This post is a little delayed, right now we’re in Montpellier having just returned from Barcelona. The town is going absolutely crazy because the local team just won the Ligue 1 for the first time ever! There’s cars doing laps blaring their horns and crazy fans roaming the streets singing… I imagine if the team return to town in a bus this could go on for hours. Earlier Elyse and I took a walk through town looking for some dinner, everything seemed eerily quiet until we stumbled onto a plaza crammed full of virtually the entire population for the live telecast!! The atmosphere was absolutely electric so we hung around for a while before heading back to the safety of the hotel.

Anyhow… James, Elyse & myself took a nice day trip to Avignon while we were staying with Billy in Aix-en-Provence. I remember coming to Avignon with my family when I was 16. It was the middle of winter and I was standing in the huge square outside the Palais des Papes in awe. I didn’t get to go inside on that trip so I was keen to explore a bit further this time.

I’m glad we did it because I LOVE castles! Hehe! And because it was really interesting to see (without the glamour of the Vatican)… Although I think it was pretty decked out in its day.

We checked out the bridge too, and I couldn’t stop singing that damn song!





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