I’ve got a theory; if you set your GPS to avoid tolls (therefore keep off the motorways) in France you basically can’t go wrong. We’ve been driving east to west across the south and having such a great time stopping in at all the little villages and farms selling direct to public along the way.

We’ve done a little bit of motorway too though… Where it was necessary, and I’m pretty much a pro at driving 130km/hour in a left hand drive car. Shifting gears with my right arm was strange at first and I bumped a few gutters getting used to driving on the right but our trusty little Renault Clio is nice to drive.

Off the motorway is where it’s at! Not much traffic, windy streets and great scenery!

Yesterday we drove from Carcassonne to Toulouse and today on to Bordeaux. We’re staying in a great place out of town and Elyse is burning to tell you all about it but she’ll have to wait.

Didn’t spend much time in Toulouse, it’s home to Airbus and it would have been cool to check out how they put the A380’s together but we just took a stroll around the city and did some shopping. In the morning we headed down to the cities fresh food market (named after Victor Hugo) for a cheap breakfast and lunch supplies. It was rather unimpressive from the outside but inside was packed with the widest variety of any food market we’ve explored so far. The seafood on display was a highlight, huge prawns, sea urchins, abalone, enormous oysters and all sorts of live crayfish. I would have liked to buy half a metre of Toulouse sausage too but I don’t have any way to cook it 😦 Settled for some bread & cheese for lunch along with a quiche and a couple espressos for breakfast. My French is improving dramatically but still limited to dealing with shop keepers and general pleasantries. Good fun though!

We also grabbed some super sweet cherries & strawberries from the fruit and vegetable stands which line the outside of the building… and I think I might have squealed with glee when I saw a stand selling spices from a huge timber rack, it looked fantastic.

In serious wine territory now so stay tuned!








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