Château Lavergne Dulong and a treat in Saint Emilion

What little girl doesn’t dream of being a princess at some point, wishing to live in a chateau, wear beautiful dresses and hang out in perfectly manicured gardens and vineyards? My dress may have been well worn and fairly normal, but the chateau we stayed in last night, along with the vineyard and garden was absolutely perfect.

After staying in some cheap hotels, which have been perfectly fine, mind you, the Chateau Lavergne Dulong was like something out of a dream.

Andrew and I left Toulouse on Friday morning and headed up to the Bordeaux area. Our hotel was located in Montussan which was a little way out of the city, so we headed straight there, arriving a little before check in time. Our hostess, Sylvie Dulong, was unfortunately not there when we arrived and the lovely woman who greeted us knew very limited english (still a lot more than the French we know) but sent us to a cute local cafe for lunch. It seems French people tend to eat lunch quite early. We arrived for lunch at about 2pm and this cut our options considerably. Our meal was still lovely, however, and it killed a bit of time before we went back to the chateau once more.

We drove down the gorgeous gravel, tree lined drive way once more and were shown to our room on the first floor. Breathtaking. Our room was enormous! We even had our own little study as well as our bathroom and the arm chairs in the main too, itself. I felt like absolute royalty. The owner had clearly renovated the place relatively recently and she has done an amazing job of mixing in the old world style with new furnishings. It was probably the nicest place Andrew and I have ever stayed.

After marveling at our room for a considerable amount of time, we decided we did not want to leave the grounds of the chateau, preferring to make the most of our time here. We set of an adventure looking around the property, walking through the vines, gardens and the bushes. We even disturbed a young deer as we went, which was quite exciting. On the roads here they have signs warning you to look out for deer, and Andrew has been keen to spot one. I am very glad we spotted it here and not in front of the car!

On our walk we met, what we presume was, the groundskeeper and his family, who live on site. They, with their limited English were so lovely and accommodating! Trying to speak with us and showing us their chickens and frogs.

We had a picnic dinner on the lawn in front of the house on our beach towels, while fending off the pet dog (he was very keen on our saucisson, but he was just lovely! I wanted to keep him). The weather was a perfect 28 degrees, and I was in heaven. A saucisson, Brie and tomato sandwich couldn’t have tasted better.

The next morning, after breakfast, we tasted the wine produced on site. I don’t think I’ve ever had wine before midday before, but it was just delicious! All of their wine is organic and Sylvie is passionate about doing it right. The chateau has been in her family for three generations and she is very pleased to be working there!

We unfortunately had to leave (sigh), and on Madame Dulong’s recommendation, we went to the small wine town of Saint Emilion. The town was cute enough, as all French towns are, but after looking through a wine cave, Drew asked for a suggestion for lunch. We were sent to “L’Envers Du Décor”, which didn’t look like much, but was filled with people. It was just amazing! Drew finally got the chance to taste foie gras, we had perfectly cooked duck, a tuna salad, which was not like anything I’d ever seen before, and deliciously naughty desserts. I have never felt so obese, but it was so worth it!

France is so much fun! (or as our French friend Billy would say “France is so much funny!”).









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