Monet’s Garden

Andrew and I started the day a little slowly today. We have been quite tired lately (and by “we”, I mostly mean me… Haha!), so felt a bit of extra sleep wouldn’t go astray. Once we finally made a start on on journey to Normandie, the GPS took us through a town called Vernon, and we accidental stumbled upon a cherry fair. Drew loves a good fair, and I love cherries, so it seemed a perfect match. We took a quick stroll through the fair, bought some cherries, met a beggar who was overly complimentary, and we were on our way.

Monet’s Garden was just a little way down the road. My mum has always loved impressionism, and with Monet being her favourite, I had taken a liking to him myself, many years ago. His work is beautiful, so I was very excited to visit his garden.

There was an enormous amount of people here, and in fact, this is the only place we have ever seen a queue to exit. In my opinion, it was worth battling the crowds.







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