In Bruges

Well, if you’ve seen the movie “In Bruges” and saw how enthused Colin Farrell was about the city, you’ll understand my hesitation. Its been a long time since I’d seen the film, but I remembered his attitude. Perhaps it was because the movie was set in winter, that would explain Mr Farrell’s characters opinion, but today was the first day of summer, and after one of my favourite school teachers recommended Bruges, we headed here to stay the night.

We LOVE Belgium. From the receptionist at our hotels first “hello” we knew we had found somewhere special. We checked into our hotel early, and headed to the first brewery we could find (of course! This is Belgium, Andrew was thirsty for a beer). Our tour guide at “De Halve Maan” was utterly delightful! One of their beers had just won an award in Australia, so she was particularly excited to find we were Aussies. I even tried a beer myself, whilst eating a delicious Flemish stew with a sauce made from one of their beers. Apparently, the famous stew is made with the same recipe all over Belgium, but with the local beer, which is why they have slightly different tastes. Very yummy!

Every chocolatier in Bruges would have seen us today as well. After Andrew got to taste his beer and tour their factory, I had my heart set on tasting the chocolate. Wow, wow, wow. I wish I could take some home for my mum! She would love this place! Their have got to be hundreds of chocolate stores, and they are all amazing (to taste, not for my waistline).

After roaming the streets, seeing the “Lovers Lake” with all it’s beautiful swans, window shopping, eating and admiring the buildings, we have called it a day.

Bruges is spectacular, Belgium is beautiful and we love the Belgian people. Lovely!






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