London Town… Part 1

I am not a very good passenger. When Drew is driving, especially for a few hours, the conversation has to be top notch or I am out cold in about 5 minutes flat. We had to stop off for coffee on our way to London, and I think we were glad to return the car here.

We are staying in Holland Park, close to Shepherds Bush station with our friends Jasmine and Matt Allanson and loving it! Luckily Matt had our first day here off, because the man works the most hectic hours ever (he leaves at 7am and doesn’t get home til about 1am or so). I don’t know how he does it.

When we arrived, after dropping our bags off at the Allanson residence, we headed up to Picadilly Circus to try and get tickets to a show for the evening. Matt knew a little more about these things than us, so took us looking for cheap last minute tickets. We ended up buying them directly from the theatre, to the show “Singin’ in the Rain”. I was SO excited about this, as my sister and I used to sing and dance around in our room to this musical with our umbrellas spinning. We LOVED it, even though we didn’t know all the words. The seats we ended up getting were 3 rows from the front!! The show was wonderful, I loved every second of it! Including the bit where we all got soaking wet from the dancing to the song (of course) “Singin’ in the Rain”. AMAZING! It was so much fun.

We took a walking tour the next day, with a company called “New Europe”. The tours are run by students who are paid entirely in tips, so each person on the tour decides how much to pay. They definitely make it interesting! It went for 3 hours and we saw a multitude of things.
Buckingham Palace (my favourite story was of the chimney sweep who managed to live in the palace for 2 weeks before being discovered, as well as the chap who met with the Queen in her bedroom), the changing of the guard, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, the houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and she pointed out where the Churchill war rooms where (which we visited properly the next day).

After the tour, we walked over to the London Eye and jumped on to get ourselves a nice view of the city. The line was short and it was easy! When this was done, Jasmine had finished work, so we walked back to Hyde Park and met her before grabbing jerk chicken for dinner and watching Prometheus at Drew’s request (he’s been dying to see it).

There is so much to see in London, I feel as though we have done a lot (I am tired), and yet I feel like we haven’t seen much of anything yet.

Yesterday, Andrew and I took ourselves to the Churchill War Rooms and the museum attached in the morning. It was wonderful! The rooms were not terribly far down, and they knew a hit coming from the wrong direction would’ve left everyone down there dead (the top officials knew this, everyone else thought it was perfectly secure). So keeping the rooms secret was a big deal. Of course, the rooms were kept secret and they didn’t suffer a direct hit, as we know, so the rooms are perfectly preserved, with either original furniture or replicas, so it looks just as it would have. Churchill was a fascinating man, if you have time to look up some of his quotes, do it. They are highly entertaining.

The afternoon took us to the Tower of London. The day was perfectly sunny and warm, so walking around was a pleasure. We even saw the crown jewels, including the jubilee diamond. Despite the crowds (which were much less than usual, we just hate crowds), it was wonderful to see.

In the evening, we got to catch up with Kate Berry too! We hadnt seen Kate in 2 years, so it was very good to see her at last. Some ciders were drank and we went to a pub with a condiment obsession. Drew was in heaven. Jasmine and Kate even discovered they knew some of the same people, one of which may be interested in Jasmines job when she starts traveling Europe! What are the odds?!

Today we’re starting slowly, it rained a little overnight, but there is much more to see! So we must be off…









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